Standing Committees

Standing Committees of the Membership

Digital Solutions
Purpose & Objective:
  • to be responsible for providing a forum and educational programs to address industry related technology issues
  • to continue to develop internet technologies to better serve independent publishers
  • to increase awareness of the Internet as a tool that will assist ADP members in the present and the future
  • to monitor new products and services that will assist independent publishers in staying ahead of the competition
Committee chair to be announced - email, or call (800) 267-9002.
Purpose & Objective:
Gold Book
Purpose & Objective:
  • to recognize excellence in directory aspects of independent publishers
  • to recognize excellence in the marketing and promotional aspects of independent publishers
  • to recognize the Publisher of the Year
  • to continue to grow the award entries by making the ADP Members aware of the program
  • to recommend changes in the Award criteria as time and circumstances dictate
  • to develop and maintain the categories, criteria and procedures for award entries
  • to retain judges for each award judging
  • to work with headquarters staff for any special requirements
Please contact Tom Surnbrock, committee chair, for more information - email, or call (805) 681-0000.

Purpose & Objective:

  • to serve the Association in all aspects of membership categoriesto represent the interests of ADP Members in an effort to grow the organization
  • to explore and develop ways to recruit new member
  • to identify and recruit potential partner members
  • to evaluate and recommend new services with would be of benefit to the membership at large
Committee Chair To Be Annouced - email, or call (800) 267-9002.


National Branding & Marketing

Purpose & Objective:

  • to be responsible for assisting with promotional and marketing communications activities in support of ADP’s events, website, fundraising, legislative advocacy and membership initiatives
  • to raise local, national and international awareness of ADP’s accomplishments and contributions to Independent Publishers
  • raise awareness, by all internal and external constituents, of our distinctiveness in innovative and outward-looking approaches to the yellow pages industry
Committee Chair To Be Announced - contact for more information, or call (800) 267-9002.
National Relations
Purpose & Objective:
  • to promote the work of ADP and inform the industry regarding issues and events
  • to monitor publications and other communication vehicles for coverage of issues affecting the ADP community and seek out opportunities to respond as appropriate
  • to cultivate relationships with members of the news media, especially those serving the above audiences
  • to maintain the ADP Press List
Please contact Kathy Haynes, committee chair, for more information- email, or call (559) 251-8888.
Purpose & Objective:
  • to provide members of the association knowledge of what each partner member has to offer
  • to promote to the partners to the publisher members
  • to work with ADP headquarters to establish and implement unique ideas for each partners trade show that is held annually each spring.
Please contact Ron Mintle, committee chair, for more information - email, or call (951) 506-4005.
Political Action (PAC)
Purpose & Objective:
Power of Yellow
Purpose & Objective:
  • to build and maintain top-of-the-mind awareness of the TRUTH about the Yellow Pages;
  • Refute and dispel the misperceptions, mistruths and lies about the Yellow Pages;
  • Reach and be the dominant media for Baby Boomers and Matures;
  • Reeducate advertisers to the wisest of trusted business adages:  Follow the money; and prove that the print Yelow Pages deserve, based on peformance, to be an integral part of every business' media mix.
Please contact John Bills, committee co-chair, for more information - email, or call (512) 288-6215; Brian Smith, committee co-chair - email, or call (706) 344-3000.
Purpose & Objective:
  • to foster and promote the educational, informational and training initiatives of the Association as directed by its Board of Directors and executed for the benefit of its membership through the conduct of conventions, workshops and other special-focus program activities and events
  • to conceive and develop the general program themes and contact for the Association’s conventions and workshops
  • to identify and recommend appropriate individuals as prospective speakers, presenters, panelists and/or facilitators for the Association’s conventions and workshops
  • to establish preliminary agendas for the Association’s conventions and workshops and to communicate such agendas to the Association’s staff for implementation 
Please contact Kathy Haynes, committee chair, for more information- email, or call (559) 251-8888.
Public Policy
Purpose & Objective:
  • to assist the Board of Directors in identifying, evaluating and monitoring social, political and environmental trends, issues and concerns to assist the Board in analyzing how public policy trends could impact the Associations business activities and performance
  • to assist the Board in determining how the Association can anticipate and adjust to public policy trends in order to more effectively achieve its goals or to be an important contributor to the policy dialogue
  • to develop recommendations for the Board with regard to formulating and adopting basic policies, programs and practices concerning broad public policy issues
Please contact  Cindi Aldrich, committee chair, for more information-- email, or call (248) 705-4770.
More questions about standing committees? Please email us at, or call 800 267-9002.