Radio and TV

Radio and Television Library


TV and radio commercials developed by ADP  provide members with cost-effective, professionally-produced, broadcast materials designed to increase both Publisher brand awareness and revenues.

ADP is embarking on a National Awareness Campaign of the Yellow Pages inudstry. Our TRUTH IS POWER campaign campaign will demonstrate how Yellow Pages are a useful tool for consumers. The TRUTH IS POWER campaign underscores how Yellow Pages are a powerful tool for advertisers. Stay tuned for this exciting initiative!
We encourage you to visit our You Tube channel - view our video playlist to watch a variety of commercials that represent the positive aspects of Yellow Pages advertising.
NOTE: All ADP commercial library materials are created for "exclusive" use by the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) members, but are "non-exclusive" among ADP members in competitive market situations.
Our Publisher members want to share their passion of our industry with you. Stay tuned as we begin to post radio and television commercials!
Questions about the new radio and tv library? Please send us an email at, or call 800 267-9002