April 28, 2017 - InformationPages.com, Inc. announces the acquisition of Yellow Magic Incorporated

InformationPages.com, Inc. announces the acquisition of Yellow Magic Incorporated. The leading 
supplier of digital directories and the leading print directory software supplier are joining 
forces to create the most powerful integrated one-stop publication system on the market.
Middleton, WI April 28, 2017InformationPages.com, Inc., the leading supplier of digital 
directory and web-based customer management is combining forces with Yellow Magic Incorporated, 
global supplier of digital directory supplier of software solutions for the Directory Publishing 
Industry, using their joint technologies and services to create the next generation solution.
"We are excited to be working together,” said Ron Mintle, President of Yellow Magic Incorporated. 
“Our new integrated system will provide business management functions such as lead generation, 
billing, collections, and commissions to sell and fulfill both print and digital sales. Regardless 
of what you sell, print directories, websites, SEO, banners or reputation management, this system 
will handle all the sales processes and management functions without data conversion or multiple 
vendors – making the system significantly more streamlined, simple and effective.”
Sam Pretorius, Director of Development at Yellow Magic, explained the technological advantages. 
“Using a state-of-the-art web-based platform hosted in the cloud, we eliminate the need to license 
and maintain software or servers. This results in more efficient business processes and greater 
system reliability which will directly benefit our customers. It will be simpler to implement for 
our customers and we will be able to provide better online customized much better training and 
“I’m excited about the opportunity to work together using our combined expertise to develop a more 
cost effective, holistic and future-proof system for our customers,” added Carey Bernier, President 
and CEO of InformationPages. “I look forward to working with the Yellow Magic team to introduce our 
new and existing customers to the most powerful and effective publication and advertising platform 
For more information, or to talk to one of the team, call 608-824-1380 or email 
About InformationPages.com, Inc.
Since 1998, InformationPages has been a leader in online directory services for yellow page 
publishers and TELCOs around the world. InformationPages was the first to offer a complete 
end-to-end suite of cloud-based digital and print publishing tools. Our web-based business 
management suite includes digital and print product administration, flexible invoicing, ad and lead 
tracking, commissions, innovative book distribution verification, as well as automated rules-based 
print pagination. Award winning local search solutions for the Internet and popular mobile devices 
round out the suite with responsive design, keyword and brand name searches, statistical analysis, 
best-in-class search engine optimization (SEO), and a national search engine.
About Yellow Magic Incorporated
Yellow Magic Incorporated is a global supplier of software solutions for directory publishers. Our 
software has been licensed to more than 175 publishers for directory production for 54 countries in 
23 languages. Supported publishing formats include Print and Electronic (Internet, CD-ROM, and 
Mobile) directories as well as apps. The Yellow Magic solution consists of the base Yellow Magic 
Business Management and Publishing System and additional ancillary programs to add functionality as 
required for different publisher's needs and the size of the publisher.  The Yellow Magic system 
includes modules for Lead Generation, Sales Force Automation, Sales Management, Sales Reporting, 
Sales Assignments and Tracking, Commissions, Ad Tracking, Online Proofing, Billing, Accounts 
Receivable, Collections, General Ledger information for your Accounting Program, Contract Entry, 
Free and Lead Listings Entry and Maintenance, Management Reports, Management Dashboards, 
Import/Export of Data, Directory Specifications, Composition, Typesetting, Pagination, Index 
Generation, and a lot more.