Advertiser Testimonials


There is no greater proof of the continuing effectiveness and value of the print Yellow Pages than testimonials from advertisers who carefully track the sources of their incoming calls.


HQ has requested previously that Publisher members of the Association provide to HQ copies of the testimonials most Publishers salespeople are probably already carrying in their presentation binders to us for the purpose of sharing these broadly-geographic endorsements of our core product here in this “Why Advertise?” section of our web site under Advertiser Testimonials.  We have received some great ones from a small minority of the membership.

Imagine how strongly we could demonstrate the Power of Yellow if we had hundreds of these kinds of value recognitions from advertisers on the ADP site!

Please send to HQ copies of any and all current advertiser testimonials you have to help us drive home the fact that the Yellow Pages are far from dead and are still delivering great ROI for many, many advertisers!

Send testimonials to HQ:

  • By email to:
  • By fax to: (231) 486-2182 or
  • By mail to: ADP Headquarters 116 Cass Street P.O. Box 1929 Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Download testimonials that have been shared below!