Media Objectives & Schedules

Power of Yellow™  Media Objectives & Schedules                                  

Make absolutely no mistake about it. The single, overarching factor that ultimately will determine the success of the Power of Yellow™ Initiative will be the degree to which participating Publishers and other industry stakeholders are able to get the Power of Yellow™ television and radio spots aired, the impact of its sales presentation video maximized, the exposure of its print advertisements optimized, the placement of its editorial truths assured, in their local communities and markets.

Our Power of Yellow™ media objectives are clear and simple:

  • Build and maintain top-of-the-mind awareness of the TRUTH about the Yellow Pages
  • Refute and dispel the misperceptions, mistruths, and lies about the Yellow Pages
  • Reach and be the dominant media for Baby Boomers and Matures
  • Reeducate advertisers to the wisest of trusted business adages: FOLLOW THE MONEY
  • Prove that the print Yellow Pages deserve on performance to be an integral part of every business’ media mix

ADP has fully funded all first-phase components of the Power of Yellow™ and is providing it to all member foot soldiers free of charge.

ADP has planned the strategy.  Committed members must now take the battle to the front lines of the local markets where they are known and respected.  Simply, you must use your local influence to carry the day.

Our Power of Yellow™ Rally, held on November 2 in Chicago, was just a beginning, not the end of anything.

The Power of Yellow™ media plan covers the next four months.  We need you to get the message out everywhere, to everyone.  Use trade. Secure air time. Schmooze everyone you know locally who can help you and the industry get the truth out.  You are the linchpins.  You hold the keys to our success.  Advocate for yourself.  Advocate for your families.  Advocate for the industry. 

We must win this battle for the hearts and minds of advertisers and consumers! Below you will find the media placement schedule.


Recommended Media Placement Schedule


The recommended schedules below apply only to the television, radio, video, and media releases provided in this Power of Yellow™ Media and Marketing Plan.

The “official” launch date for the television and radio spots is November 12, 2012.  This launch date may be most easily attainable for publishers who already have airtime secured.  Publishers who do not presently have air time currently negotiated for November/December may be best served by scheduling airtime for January 2013.  With the holiday clutter passed, lower rates with higher frequency are almost assured.

Below please find recommendations that will best assure the continuity of our Power of Yellow™ television and radio outreach:

  • Network TV – once per weekday surrounding Local Morning and Evening News
  • Cable TV – select a rotation of channels 12-36 times per week based on individual budget (consider The Weather Channel, CNN, History, TNT, Lifetime to best reach 48+ adult demographic).
  • Radio AM - once per weekday on AM talk stations’ morning programming. Consider a ‘live read’ by the morning host – or tape to air as if live – giving a ‘testimonial/endorsement’ appeal
  • Radio FM – three times per weekday on Oldies and Classic stations 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. drive time.  Explore special programming both TV and Radio for placement with your local market

Following please find the recommended Publisher Local and Regional Release Schedule that will best assure the continuity of our Power of Yellow™ print media outreach:

December 3 to December 6 – Publishers submit Release titled: "Power of Yellow Pages Usage" to local & regional media

January 7 – January 10 – Publishers submit Release titled “Power of Yellow Pages Environmental Facts’ to local & regional media

February 4 – February 7 – Publishers submit Release titled: "Not All Leads Are Created Equal" to local & regional media

March 4 through March 7 – Publishers submit Release titled: "Facts Never Lie – The Power of Yellow Pages" to local & regional media