Offensive Talking Points

Power of Yellow™ Offensive Talking Points                                             

That’s (o’-fen-siv) as in going on the attack armed with facts, not (e-fen’-siv) as in being insulting

Even though, in the case of those who knowingly mischaracterize and lie about the Yellow Pages, it might be permissible to be a bit (e-fen’-siv) on occasion as well.

Offensive in this case means extolling the fact-based positives about the Yellow Pages, a medium that has be dishonestly trashed by some in the media, many in the digital world, and most who live in the other-world of the blogosphere.

These offensive talking points are presented in the Power of Yellow™ Media and Marketing Plan as bulleted facts in sales aid format.  The will be simple, direct, and sourced.


Offensive Talking Points

The virus of misperception that is being spread by the popular and financial media, by thousands of digital wannabees, and by individuals and organizations with no regard for truth if it helps their cause, about the continued effectiveness of the Yellow Pages in today’s advertising marketplace must end.

These talking points feature research-based facts that emphasize the many positive truths about our venerable medium.  For these factual truths to be understood by advertisers and consumers alike, every Yellow Pages stakeholder must commit to the cause, join the battle, and assertively trumpet this credible third-party data.  Take the offense!  Be heard!!

Our clear and common message must be that the Yellow Pages, based on measured performance data, deserve to be an integral part of every smart business’ media mix.

Here are usage facts that every business advertiser must know:

  • 18% leap in Yellow Pages references in 2011
  • 7.4 billion consumer references to print Yellow Pages last year
  • 76% of adult Americans used the Yellow Pages in 2011
  • 85% of Yellow Pages users made a purchase last year
  • $6 out of every $10 spent locally result from Yellow Pages searches
  • A call is worth 15-25 times more to an advertiser than a click
  • Yellow Pages display advertising ROI: $14:1; in-column $34:1
  • Yellow Pages boasts lowest cost of customer acquisition of any media
  • Baby Boomers, heaviest Yellow Pages users, set to inherit $11.6 billion

Sources:  CRM Associates, Inc; IMS Local Search Authority; Market Authority, Inc.

    Advertisers want facts.  Here they are. Tell the story.  Stay on Message.