Donated Ad Programs

Donated Ad Program

Senior Life and ADT

We need to continue to provide our members products and services to augment their business while attracting prospective members with strong incentives to join our association.  Industry research, sales collateral, an expanded Convention and other valuable products and services, all new offerings that are not included in the current operating budget.  For us to provide tools that our members need, the Board Reserve (sometimes referred to as the “war chest”) needs to be replenished and that requires assistance from every publisher member.

What we are doing is proposing a “win-win” solution by recommending that all publishers participate in the Donated Ad Program which requires each participating publisher member to agree to donate ad space in each of its directories. The victory for your company includes the opportunity to possibly expand several underdeveloped headings while ADP wins by building non-dues revenue.  This in turn enables us to create new products and offer additional services to you as members. 
Here is the background on the Donated Ad Program:
ADP entered into an agreement with J&L Messaging, a third-party consultant that works with ADT Security and Senior Life Insurance. The program specifies that with a publisher’s donated ad space, ADP will receive revenue from every contact generated by a unique toll-free number, URL or mobile application.
The applicable primary headings for ADT Security are:
Burglar Alarm
Security Control
Security Guard
The applicable primary headings for Senior Life Insurance are:
Day Care Center – Adults
Funeral Directors
Hearing Aid
Nursing Homes
Retirement and Life Care
Senior Citizens
Wheel Chairs
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Q: Who will administer the program?
A:  ADP has contracted with J&L Messaging.
Q: What is J&L Messaging doing for the project?
A: J&L Messaging will administer, manage and monitor the call reports.  They locate companies to partner with ADP for the non-dues revenue program while coordinating the set up of the ads for the directories. 
Q:  Who are the advertisers involved with the program?   
A:  ADT & Senior Life.
Q: Under what headings do the ads appear?
A:  ADT Headings: Burglar Alarm, Security Control and Security Guard.
     Senior Life Headings: Day Care Center – Adults, Funeral Directors, Hearing Aid, Insurance, Nursing Homes, Retirement and Life Care, Senior Citizens and Wheel Chairs.
Q: Are there any regions or states that ADT or Senior Life cannot advertise in?
A: Senior Life is not licensed and approved for in the following states*:
(1) Connecticut
(2) Iowa
(3) Maine
(4) New Hampshire
(5) New York
(6) Ohio
(7) South Dakota
(8) Vermont
(9) Washington
(10) Wisconsin
(11) Wyoming
* You could avoid running an ad in those states, or, alternatively, Senior Life would refer the interested party to another company.
Q:  What is the ad size requirement?
A:  The Publisher is to place a minimum display advertisement size of one-quarter page under the primary headings.
Q: Will a Publisher need to own and place a remote call forwarding line?
A:  Each Publisher is assigned their own unique toll-free number.
Q: Will there be a different phone number for each directory?
A: One phone number per Publisher, with separate codes for each directory.
Q: What hours is the Reservation Center open?
A: The Reservation Center is open 24/7.
Q: What calls are included - busy / no answer?
A: Only inbound calls are included.
Q: What is the length of the call to be paid for?
A: It can take a minimum of 30 seconds or longer to qualify.
Q: Will the reporting from J&L Messaging provide a report on calls that don't make the 30 second minimum?
A: All calls will show.
Q: What is the cost per call rate?
A: ADT - $22.50 – for a Qualified lead / Senior Life - $17 – for a Qualified lead.
Q: Who is monitoring the report?
A: ADP Headquarters.
Q: Where do the proceeds of the Donated Ad Program go?
A: Initially, the proceeds will help replenish the "War Chest" and to help provide our members with valuable products and services they need to grow their businesses.  Ultimately, we will turn the program into a revenue share for the Publishers.