Why Join ADP?

One Member - One Vote


ADP is distinctive in its voting structure.

Each publisher member has the same voting power regardless of its company size.
Our governance structure is unique among trade associations both in and out of our industry.  It guarantees that the general membership of ADP controls the direction and future of the Association.
ADP Publisher members:
 - directly nominate and elect those who serve on the Board of Directors
 - directly approve the Association's annual operations budget
 - directly approve Membership Dues and fees, and
 - directly ratify the Officers of the Association

More reasons to join:

  • We foster the highest standards in directory services.
  • We promote a business environment that encourages and maintains fair competition.
  • We facilitate the identification and communication of business opportunities to ensure that our members have access to information useful to the establishment, operation and expansion of their businesses.
  • We educate the general public to the benefits, features and continuing value of telephone and online directories.

We do all things necessary and proper to attain and accomplish our objectives.

Join our ADP family today.

Questions and feedback are always welcome. Please email us at info@adp.org, or call (800) 267-9002