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Membership Has Its Privileges, and It’s a Great Value!

When you join the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP), you’ll become part of the oldest trade association serving independent and other publishers.

Founded in 1898, it is an established organization with newer and fresh ideas, keeping abreast of the latest trends and emerging technologies that are affecting the industry.
Your company benefits thanks to a wide variety of programs and services.
Every Publisher member of ADP enjoys an equal opportunity to share in the selection of its elected leadership and in the determination of the Association’s contemporary mission, strategies and objectives.
Each Publisher member has the same voting power regardless of company size. ADP Publisher members directly nominate and elect those who serve on its Board of Directors, directly approve its annual operating budget, directly approve annual membership dues and fees and directly ratify the officers of the Association.
You will benefit from the legislative and regulatory support of our proven and effective grass roots lobbying power.
Our constant monitoring of industry trends guarantees that your interests as an independent publisher will always come first and be protected.
You will receive invaluable insights and tips from industry leaders on everything from increasing your sales to proven ideas for marketing and advertising your business.
Don’t take our word for it -- see what our members are saying.

Still not convinced? Ten more reasons to join ADP . . .

  1. Benefit from public policy oversight and advocacy.
  2. Build alliances, network and collaborate with industry professionals.
  3. Understand the environmental issues and challenges of today.
  4. Experience content-rich conventions and workshops each crafted to help grow your business.
  5. Increase your knowledge and expand your leadership opportunities by serving on the ADP board or one of our standing committees.
  6. Receive recognition for your accomplishments by participating in the Association’s Gold Book awards program.
  7. Enjoy access to market research that documents industry media usage data and analysis, as well as ADP developed sales collateral pieces.
  8. Share in the efforts to grow the yellow pages industry and grow your business through the Association’s communication initiatives.
  9. Grow your national advertising.
  10. Participate in special programs that generate non-dues revenues for the general operation of the Association.
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