2017 Annual Convention Highlights


Speaker Presentations

Speaker Presentation decks are available to 2017 ADP Convention attendees only.  Please contact ADP at info@adp.org and let us know which powerpoint deck you would like to receive.  Thank You!
Steve Sitton, The Sitton Report 
Amber Weems, Content is Still King!
Lorenzo Pireddu, Launching Effective Facebook Marketing at Scale
Dr. Iris Chyi, Ph.D., Why PrintRefuses to Die and With Good Reason!
Sumita Arora, Power of Yellow:  The Promise, Not the Product
Lee Ann Cross, PassExpress, The New Upsell for Publishers
A View from the Top! 2016 Publisher and Directory of the Year
Matt Stewart, The Uber of Coupons
Quinn Bahm, Are Millenials Ruining Your Life?
The Leadz PPC Service Bureau - What's in it for You?
Davey Duyk, Mobile is the New Local:  How to Compete
Gene Daly, The Digital Transformation

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