Members Are Recognized for Innovation, Quality and Service

Our members are recognized by consumers and advertisers alike for their innovative products, responsive customer service and competitive pricing. 

Their presence and expanding prominence in the marketplace guarantees both consumers and advertisers access to user-friendly, value-added products that are shaping the Yellow Pages landscape.
Our members embody the very essence of the word “entrepreneurship." 
They are primarily small and medium size businesses whose product innovations have helped establish print directories as the original search engine for well over 100 years.
ADP membership today includes nearly 90 Publisher members and some 90 Partner members that supply essential goods and services to our Publishers and the industry at large.
Our members publish more than 2,200 titles annually, printing and distributing just enough copies to meet consumer demand each year in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. In addition, they provide thousands of jobs and utilize hundreds of suppliers across the country.
The ADP Membership Roster is password-protected for the exclusive use of our members.
Questions and feedback are always welcome. Please email us at, or call 800.267.9002