Power of Yellow™

 Power of Yellow™

The “Why Advertise” section of the ADP web site was built to afford those advertisers and consumers seeking to know the truth about the Yellow Pages precisely that opportunity.

This special “Power of Yellow™” sub-section has been added to inform those same advertisers and consumers of the latest research-based facts about Yellow Pages usage and effectiveness.

There is a virus of misperception spreading today that grossly undervalues the Yellow Pages.  For that, our Association takes part of the responsibility.

Today, the Association of Directory Publishers, the heart and voice of the independent Yellow Pages industry and the emerging leader of the entire print Yellow Pages industry, is stepping to the forefront to proclaim to all that the Yellow Pages are alive and well and must be considered by every smart business to be a valuable part of its media mix. 

The rallying call for this ADP-sponsored initiative is the Power of Yellow™.  ADP is confident that advertisers will be the greatest beneficiaries of this initiative as they gain fuller appreciation for the Yellow Pages’ exceptional ROI, low cost of customer acquisition, high impact of customer influence, and unmatched call-to-purchase conversion rate.

The Association launched the initiative with a Power of Yellow™ National Rally in Chicago in early November.  Data from the Rally is shared below and will be regularly augmented by new research data as it is released.

For advertisers and consumers alike, this special sub-section of the ADP web site should be their trusted source for reliable, research-based data about the Power of Yellow™.