Defensive Talking Points

Power of Yellow™ Defensive Talking Points                                             

That’s (de-fen’-siv) as in protecting against danger or harm.  As in refusing to let the misrepresentations and lies about the Yellow Pages continue without challenge and correction.  As in debunking those misrepresentations and lies with facts.  As in never again letting some agenda-driven zealot falsely spew that the Yellow Pages “kill trees.”

Found in the Power of Yellow™ Media and Marketing Plan as bulleted facts in sales aid format, these defensive talking points are in-your-face, fact-based refutations of the most oft-repeated and scurrilous mistruths about the Yellow Pages.  Use them well and often!


Defensive Talking Points

The virus of misperception that is being spread by the popular and financial media, by thousands of digital wannabees, and by individuals and organizations with no regard for truth if it helps their cause, about the continued effectiveness of the Yellow Pages in today’s advertising marketplace must end.

These defensive talking points are designed to challenge and dispel the myths and lies that cloud the factual perception of the Yellow Pages by many advertisers and consumers.  Below are the facts related to some of the most malicious myths and lies that continue to abound.

M/L:  No one uses the Yellow Pages any more. 

Not true! There were 7.4 billion references to the Yellow Pages last year.  76% of adult Americans used them, including 61% of 24-29 year olds and 47% of 18-24 year olds.  References have increased for three consecutive years, including 18% in 2011.

M/L:  The Yellow Pages kill trees.

Not true!  Trees are harvested to make lumber, not paper.  Directory paper is made from fiber from post-consumer recycled content and the waste of the process of making square logs out of round trees.

M/L:  Yellow Pages aren’t cost-effective anymore.

Not true!  Yellow Pages deliver the lowest cost per customer-acquired of any medium and the second highest return-on-investment to advertisers.

M/L:  Yellow Pages are harmful to the environment.

Not true!  Yellow pages are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  They represent just 0.3% of total U.S. landfill volume.  By comparison, e-waste contributes 25% of the volume to our landfills. More disturbingly, 70% of e-waste is toxic and only 14% recyclable.

M/L:  Search is less expensive than the Yellow Pages.

Not true!  When you factor the cost of each medium with the conversion rate of call/click to sales for each, Yellow Pages, a call or visit from the Yellow Pages is worth anywhere between 15-25 times more that a click on a search result.

M/L:  Only Baby Boomers and seniors use the Yellow Pages.

Not true!  But great news for advertisers!!  48 year-old+ consumers are the heaviest users of the Yellow Pages. They’re also the ones with the most money to spend.  And they’re about to inherit some $11.6 trillion.  Every advertiser’s sweet spot!

   Sources:  CRM Associates, Inc; U.S. EPA; IMS Local Search Authority; Market Authority, Inc.

Defend the Yellow Pages!  Protect your Advertisers and Your Livelihood!!