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The Yellow Pages industry continues to take proactive measures to decrease our carbon footprint.

For more than a decade, the Yellow Pages industry has taken proactive measures to decrease our carbon footprint.
We’re constantly working to transform and innovate our business so that we can continue supporting local businesses and consumers in the most environmentally friendly way.
Explore and learn more about the tough challenges we’ve faced in this mission, and how we’ve worked to resolve them to the benefit of all stakeholders.
Yellow Pages are "Greener Than You Think" Get the facts about paper, printing and the environment.
According to International Paper, "Since the 1940's, annual growth of new trees has always exceeded the number cut down. By 1992, tree growth outpaced harvest by 34% and the volume of wood in the forest was 360%more than 1920."
“We are in danger of losing the magnificent working forests in America as properties continue to change hands according to economic and environmental pressures. It is time we focused on keeping working forests as forests, because of the role they play in preserving the green infrastructure of the nation.”
- Lawrence Selzer President and CEO The Conservation Fund

Print Grows Trees is an educational campaign that uses facts to show that print on paper actually helps to grow trees and keep our forests from being sold for development. By connecting the dots between print and the private landowners who own almost 60 percent of U.S. woodlands, “Print Grows Trees” challenges the widely held belief that by using less paper, trees will be saved.

PGAMA is the not-for-profit trade association serving the graphic communications industry in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Greater Washington, D.C., and Southern Pennsylvania. It represents the interests of over 350 member firms.
National Yellow Pages: Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site is a joint cooperative within the Yellow Pages industry that makes it easy for consumers to personalize their telephone book delivery.

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