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Today’s major challenges no longer center on competitive issues between the telcos and the independent publishers that ADP represents.

Rather, they center on the efforts of state and local governments, environmental advocacy organizations, non-profit special interest groups, and frankly, a multitude of mis- and ill-informed bloggers, to limit, restrict, or ban the delivery of printed Yellow Pages.
This delivery restriction movement began in 2007 and ADP, as part of a broad coalition of industry stakeholders, has successfully thwarted a score of such efforts, with two notable municipal exceptions.
In 2010, City of Seattle passed an ordinance establishing a city-authorized opt-out registry, advanced recovery fees, and excessive tonnage charges.
In 2011, Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco adopted an ordinance requiring that residents must affirmatively opt-in as a prior condition for delivery of any print directory by any publisher.
Both ordinances have been challenged in U.S. District Court and/or Court of Appeals on grounds that they violate publishers’ First Amendment rights.
ADP continues to be active participant in the industry coalition and is financially supporting both actions, two major examples of ADP's ongoing commitment to advocating for it's members and the industry as a whole.
The above are two major illustrations of ADP’s commitment to and success in advocating for its members.  It is a commitment that will continue to be at the forefront of ADP’s strategic agenda.
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